A Zimbabwean has been jailed for six years in the UK after he forced himself on a teenager who then recorded the attack.

Pardon Bopoto (36) met the young woman, 19, on a night out in Bristol and he went back to her home where she offered him her spare room for the night.  But Bopoto, 'wouldn't take no for an answer' and forced himself on her.

The victim then recalled an item she had seen on ITV show This Morning and hit record on her phone.

But a jury who heard the audio recording at Bristol Crown Court convicted Bopoto and he was jailed today for six years.

Judge William Hart told him: 'From the recording you can tell she has been drinking and is tired. All she wants you to do is leave her alone.

'You are determined to carry on and you did. Anyone listening to the recording would have found it very emotional and upsetting, as the jury did from their reaction to it.

'She made her position clear, both physically and in words, you were not prepared to say no for an answer, and you raped her.'

Bopoto must register as a sex offender and is now barred from working from children and vulnerable adults.
"One of those things people talk about in that situation is how you freeze. You do freeze, you are scared."
After the hearing, the victim told Bristol Live: "I was saying no. He was still carrying on.

"I was panicking. I didn't know if there would be any sort of violence. I just kind of froze. I had my phone right next to me. I pressed record. I listened to it when I gave it to the police.

"You can hear me saying 'no' and grunting noises. I listened for the first couple of seconds, I had to leave and I haven't listened to it since."