Mbira DzeNharira broke the hearts of their fans when they split up in 2005. But this year fans saw them playing together again and many thought the originals were back together.
Tendai “Samaita” Gahamadze, Tichaona “Nyamasvisva” MaAfrica, Tanganeropa Crispen Mujongondi and Micah Munemo are playing some gigs at La Rouge in Westgate. But Samaita and Nyamasvisva have poured cold water on a reunion.

“It’s the mbira that brought us together in the first place and we have continued doing mbira music in our separate journeys. We came back together because of the same mbira, so I do not think there should be talk of separations or reunions. We are all doing it for our culture and tradition,” Samaita told the Herald.

“These are joint shows that we will be doing here and there. We are doing separate projects, but we respect fans when they request that we come together for performances. The frequency of these shows will depend on response from our fans,” said Nyamasvisva.