Cops watch as Mohadi loses it

VP Kembo Mohadi yesterday returned to his matrimonial home and threatened to kill his former wife in front of dozens of police officers and his aides who did nothing.

He wielded and axe and broke down three doors in a nasty dispute over property. The VP grabbed three vehicles from senator Tambudzani Mohadi’s home and poked her with a steel bar and threatened to kill her.

Senator Mohadi confirmed the incident to the Standard and said she did not know where to report. She did how to get to the police station after the VP left her grounded without a single vehicle.

“I have just spoken to the Dispol [Nyongo] and he expects me to walk to Beitbridge police. My dignity has been heavily battered. The police said I must go and report, but they were witnesses to what happened. They saw him commit this crime. He said he is a law unto himself. He was doing this on my defenceless person. I did not react. Police did not stop him.

“He went on accusing me of refusing with keys and he broke the doors. He did that while police stood and watched. All the cars he took were awarded to me by the court at his instance.

“I resigned myself to fate and told him he could kill me if he wanted. He was restrained by his aide when he tried to get a gun from his car. He came here unprovoked and demanded to collect his clothes before breaking the doors at the cottage where he collected nothing. 

“He axed three doors and then turned on me. Police numbering more than 25 just watched him.  The officer in charge of Beitbridge urban one Mushongahande was here with him and many other police officers who filled the yard. 

“He said he was 120% the law unto himself. I just stood by and saw him committing this act.” A police source said Mohadi, who was not restrained by his aides, personally axed the three doors. 

Mohadi divorced his wife early this year after he sought a High Court relief. Senator Mohadi initially contested, but later let go.