Ex Q has denied that he has ever dated a sugar mummy for money or love.

“Every time that something good happens in an individual’s life the devil comes through with a different story. I have so many good songs that I never made videos for such as ‘Nhema’ and ‘Nzenza’. Surely, if there was such financial backing I would have made them. I attribute my success to the team I work with and within that team there is no older rich woman,” he told The Sunday Mail.

He said it was tough being a musician in Zimbabwe.  “There is a time I said to myself I am going to quit music. Even now, there are moments I feel like walking away. You give some much to the industry and the returns anonetsa kuwona (are not tangible).”

“There is always a battle. The corporates are not sponsoring the industry. The government is not supporting us. One can only make money from shows. When corporates are dealing with us there is always someone in the middle who has a very different attitude. They make themselves so important and we have to suck up to them.

“One cannot have proper deals in this country. It is usually a take it or leave it scenario. People look down upon us as artistes in this country but we try hard.