President Mnangagwa has told young people at an indaba today that he aspired to be a pilot when he was younger. But because of circumstances then, he could not pursue his aspiration.

He narrated his history from the time his family fled to Zambia to imprisonment and surviving the death sentence.

“I am a lawyer but I had not aspired to be a lawyer. My desire has turned to become a soldier. In 1962, I was taken to Tanganyika, which is now Tanzania, and later on to Egypt then China for military training.”

He said his government has adopted a use it or lose it policy for mining claims and land. ”If you want agricultural land, its better to come as a group and and have a viable project proposal we will fast track that you can get land. We give preference to groups of young people who come together and present projects that are well researched and show vision and promise."

Whenever we grant contracts to any external organisation, we ensure that 40% of the work, must be done locally. This is where youth can then come in. We also encourage the contractors to employ local people.