This actress was dumped by her boyfriend after he saw pictures of her kissing another man on an upcoming soapie trailer.

 Farai Magada is seen passionately kissing Thamsanqa Moyo in the soapie, Hotel Khumalo.
“Yes, we broke up but it wasn’t easy because I expected him to understand that this is what I will be expected to do sometimes as an actress. When I kissed Moyo it was just for acting, besides he is way younger than me so there’s no way I can date him,” Magada told B Metro.

She added: “My dream is to establish myself in the film industry so I will continue pushing until I achieve great things. God blesses everybody with talent, most people cannot act and when you have the zeal and you can do something, you have to use it well.”

The boyfriend Kelvin Jenkins declined comment. “News really travels fast. I don’t trust you so I won’t comment,” he said.