Chipinge South MP Enock Porusingazi says his home was damaged by the cyclone and his wife only survived by climbing a tree.

“I am going back to my constituency, my wife survived the cyclone after climbing a tree and my house was also damaged at our farm and this is where my wife was at the time. I need to be on the ground and see the best way I can help,” he said.

“My neighbours had to call me saying my wife’s life was in danger, at least she is alive and I am concerned about the displaced people in my constituency.”

Mathias Mlambo of Chipinge East said he was cutting short his trip as many people in his constituency were displaced.

“l am going back to my constituency because every minute I am getting a call that the situation is not well, I am told almost 20 houses have been damaged,” he said

“I can’t be seen sleeping in a hotel when the situation is like this and I am told the Tanganda bridge has been damaged but I will find a way to go home.”