Winky D says his dreadlocks are now 15 years old and he has no plans to cut them. “I started keeping locks in 2004 and by now they are about 15 years old and very long. I have not measured them.

 “Personally I don’t eat meat and it is by choice. I don’t know how the rastas do it but as for me I’m just a man and I do things on my own,” he told the Daily News.

Winky D prefers to keep a lid on his family affairs and only he and his brother Layan are the popularly known Chirumikos. And says he has learnt to separate his family from his music.
“I have a big family, sisters and brothers and my own family but they don’t need to be involved in all this. Music is a jungle and it has its own challenges which I believe I should not involve them. Let me and Layan do it because we have been in it,” he said.

He said he can take criticism. “We take criticism but some of the things are attacks. When someone rushes on social media to attack you yet they have your number then it means something else. It’s no longer constructive criticism but an attack and maybe their motives will be to gain followers and responding to them will be a waste of time,” he said.