A Harare vendor who has graduated in the USA has spoken of her gratitude after Prophet Makandiwa's wife, Ruth, changed her life.

Chiratidzo Tandaira who is 50 years old is a survivor of domestic violence and abuse. She recently graduated with her High School Diploma and will be furthering her studies.

She said : "Life was not easy for a single mother like me. I used to be a vendor in Harare CBD in Chinhoyi Street at the then Warren Park D commuter rank. I used to sell freezits (frozen cool drink) and maputi (corn snacks). As inflation went higher l was forced to abandon vending. I used to stay at my family home and l had one small room which l shared with my two children. 

The room was my everything: kitchen, bedroom and more. My life was an open book that could be read by my neighbours. They knew when we had eaten or not eaten because we used to cook outside with firewood.

Sometimes l would pray for the kids to sleep throughout the night because my worry was they would wake up and cry for food which l did not have. Mum Ruth Makandiwa located me in 2012. Back then she used to give me money for groceries and pay my rentals and bills. 

My son passed his grade seven with flying colors. Mum Ruth came to my rescue and she sent him to a boarding school in Harare something which I could not afford. She catered for all his educational needs and bought everything for him i.e. school uniforms, sports attire, sheets, blankets and footwear). 

From this ordeal l learnt that when you don’t have much to your name people don’t want to associate with you considering that my family and friends had turned their backs on me . I appreciate Mum Makandiwa for embracing me and making me her own. I continued to get provision from her up to mid-2016.

 Today my life has been changed tremendously and up to now I can’t comprehend it! I have spoken before people that I didn’t dream l will stand before including the Mayor of where I currently reside. 

I appreciate and thank you so much Mum Ruth for the provision and financial support that you gave me and my children. In our culture it’s not all that easy to pick up a stranger and look after them. There is also a tendency of being judgmental towards single mothers. Nevertheless with you Mum Makandiwa, you defied the odds, picked me up and looked after me with my children. 

Amidst all the name callings you believed in me, gave me hope, revived my life and strengthened me to go on. Thank you so much MUM."