Award-winning gospel star and pastor Nkomfa Mkabil’s wife caused a stir when she rocked up on the red carpet at the State of the Nation Address in Cape Town.

The pastor's wife, Unathi Mkabile, exposed her ample cleavage that many Facebook users deemed unsuitable.

But the pastor speaking to Sunday World, Mkabile said he was offended by the nasty comments.

"As her husband, I felt the need to defend her from all the naysayers. I was with my wife when she put on that dress and it was not for the first time that she had worn a dress like that," said Mkabile. "If I had a problem with the dress, I would have asked her not to wear it. Who are these people to tell my wife what to wear and not to wear."

Unathi said she feels even more let down by the attack from women. "It shows that we as women continue to pull each other down," she said.

"I don't understand why they felt the need to attack me like that. It is just an ordinary dress that exposes my cleavage. But I have learnt that people have a right to their opinions and on social media people say whatever they want."