MDC secretary general, Douglas Mwonzora says he has full rights to seek election to any party position.

“Let me answer this way, I am a full member of the MDC with full rights given by the MDC constitution. One of these rights is the right to contest any position.

“However, I’m not yet aware of the position that I’m going to contest because the nomination process has not yet started..

“So I do not know what the members are going to nominate me for. The system is not whether you want or not. It’s whether you are nominated. But the nomination has not yet started so I’m not aware, I don’t know what position I will contest. But I’m eligible to contest any position.”

He said he will not speculate on any position at the moment but will make a special announcement soon after the nomination process has been opened.

“The nomination process is going to be taking place in due course. I will also be announcing shortly after the nomination, if I get nominated for any position I will contest that position. But I have not been nominated yet,” he told the Chronicle.