Chimurenga icon, Thomas Mapfumo says he is planning to relocate back home for good.

“I have a couple of people that I’m currently in talks with. Tine hurongwa hwekuti ndiuye kuzogara kuno (we have plans for me to come and permanently stay in the country) in a not so distant future. I will only be visiting America and other places for gigs.

“There are reports that have been made suggesting that I’m leaving the country on such and such a date including this coming Monday (tomorrow), but I’m going to be around a bit long as I have issues that I need to finalise before leaving.

“Staying in a foreign country for more than 14 years is not a joke. I have created links and projects that are currently running in the United States. I cannot just wake up one day and say I’m no longer going back to the States, it has to be a gradual process.

“I had functional businesses and a private life before I left Zimbabwe. I also managed to create the same in America but my fans should not despair though for I never planned to stay forever in the US. Ndinotoda kugarawo muno (I also want to stay in my country),” he told The Sunday Mail.