A fight for the Tuku legacy has exploded pitting Daisy on one hand and Selmor on the other.

Daisy is determined to block Selmor but Tuku’s daughter seems to have garnered wider public endorsement to continue carrying the Tuku torch.

Tuku’s oldest daughter, Sandra chose only to speak about Selmor’s band, which she manages.

“Yes we saw the statement on Facebook. We are not sure to whom it was directed or what it means but one thing for certain is that Selmor and her band will continue doing what they have been doing for over a decade.

“When dad died, Selmor was actually in England for a tour. So we will continue working as we have done over the years. We will mourn and honour our father the best way we can. His legacy lives,” Sandra told The Sunday Mail.

Tuku Music manager, Walter  Wanyanya refused to comment on anything pertaining to the family, saying he represented Tuku Music. He went on to pour cold water on reports that Samantha is set to take over as the lead vocalist but said she was part of the band and the Black Spirits would have “many lead vocalists”. 

“Samantha has always been a part of the Black Spirits. She is not there by privilege, she is there because she is a singer and has been with the band for three years. It is mdhara (Tuku) who put her there.

“But I don’t know why you are not asking about Charles, who is still the bassist, Fiona who does backing vocals or Rodwell who is on electric guitar. Black Spirits will never die, chisipo ndiNzou chete (only Nzou is not there),” said Wanyanya. Nzou is the late Mtukudzi’s totem, a moniker used by friends, fans and family. He was also known as Samanyanga, which means the same thing as Nzou, the elephant.

Added Wanyanya: “Tuku left a young band. They are here to stay. No one is taking over Tuku’s position, no one can.” Efforts to contact Daisy on her mobile phone were unsuccessful.