It was under you that I went from a waiter living in a one room to a web entrepreneur with a footprint in four countries. It was under you that my beautiful children were born and raised as they deserved. It was under you that I made my mother’s deepest desires come true for her.
Please take a seat.

I was a nobody with potential when I met you. I am still not much, but you allowed me to be counted, to express myself and above all, you taught me that the best measure of success is how many lights you can ignite in the lives of other people and that true success is inner peace.

You have been by my side when my children were born, been there when they fell sick. You have been with me when tragedy struck but also been the first to call me after triumph.

At times people do not understand why we call you Dad. But thats OK. For me, your role in my life, the holes you have filled, the consistency and support, mean that you have been a father to me, long after my biological father died and longer than he ever was a father.

These amazing things that you do and that you are, are the reason I have so much respect for you.

To the world, you are Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, to me you are my father, my Dad, Major1, Provovo!

Today is your day, Happy Birthday. Dad, from the bottom of my heart, I love you. Maynard Manyowa via Facebook