Elizabeth Tsvangirai says it hurts being a widow on Valentine. She hosted a memorial event in honour of her late husband on Saturday.

She handed over groceries to about 15 parents with physically-handicapped children at New Hope Foundation at a function attended by the mayoress of Harare Lydia Gomba.

She told the Daily News on the side-lines of the event that it hurts to be a widow on Valentine’s Day.

“I wish he (Tsvangirai) was here with me to celebrate Valentine’s Day because we were so close — you see. We had been married for a long time and had become so used to each other that I cannot avoid thinking about what we used to do, the good old days, you see. He was a great, yet such a lovely husband,” she said.

Elizabeth says she is struggling to absorb the brutal fact of Tsvangirai’s death at the Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre in Johannesburg where the former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe passed. 

“I have chosen this time of the year (February) because during this time last year, I would not have imagined that I would be able to stand in front of people again because of what I was going through,” she told the Daily News.

“Tsvangirai was critically ill and we met difficulties I had never encountered before but God gave me strength until he passed on. The period made me realise that all that happens has God’s purpose and that I also had a purpose on Tsvangirai’s life.”

She declined to respond to some of the questions about her life saying she will only be able to do so after her husband’s memorial in three months’ time.