Winky D has fled into hiding, fearing for his life after suspected Zanu PF activists visited his home, during last week’s stayaway.

The musician’s manager Jonathan Banda told The Standard : “It is a very sensitive matter for me to comment on right now. I do not think it is a good thing for me to talk about that issue currently,” he said in a hushed tone.

“I do not know how safe it is for me to comment on his safety, but maybe we can talk about it in the coming days.”
Late last year Winky D released the feisty Kasong Kejecha single, which did not go down well with Zanu PF activists who besieged his Kwekwe show in an attempt to harass him.

Zimbabwe Musicians’ Union chairperson Edith Weutonga yesterday bemoaned the apparent fear of harassment by artists who sing on socio-political issues.

“Artistes are the mirror of a society and they are compelled to sing about what is happening in the communities because if we keep quiet, then we are not doing our job because when someone says let’s pour sand on corruption, how can that be wrong?” said Weutonga.

“The abuse of artistes is something we do not condone as an association and it is an attack on arts which we are seriously against.”