Home Affairs Minister, Cain Mathema says soldiers and the police are “firmly on the ground” to protect people who want to go about their normal business today.

“As the Ministry of Home Affairs, we want to reassure the public that we will not hesitate to enforce the law today, tomorrow or in the next 100 years. We want to make sure that every Zimbabwean enjoys the peace and freedom we have in the country because Zimbabwe belongs to all Zimbabweans.

“Every Zimbabwean has a right to enjoy the freedom that is prevailing in the country without any fear, so as Government we want to reassure Zimbabweans that the security agents will be there to ensure security of persons and property. They should feel free to carry out their activities,” Minister Mathema told The Herald.

Information Minister, Monica  Mutsvangwa said the law would take its course in the event of violence.

“People should know that the disturbances that occurred a few days ago were not demonstrations but it was people who are pushing for regime change in the country. The Government and our security forces are on the ground and people should feel free to go to work and to school as security forces are providing everyone with safety.”

“We want to inform people that those who destroyed property worth more than $300 million across the country were hooligans. That must not be allowed in this country and those who were arrested will be heavily punished,” said Mutsvangwa.