Veteran broadcaster Ezra Sibanda says it was sad that international artists were absent from the Tuku Send Off concert.

Various local artists performed to entertain the appreciating crowd. The sad part was that Tuku's friends from the continent were not invited by the organisers of the Send Off Concert 

On the other hand the event was dominated by young dancehall artists and veteran musicians like Zex Manatsa were not given a chance to perform let alone speak.

Tuku would have loved to see all his friends from all over Zimbabwe and Africa perform at his funeral. l feel they reduced Tuku from an international superstar to just local and the event did not meet the standard for an artist of his stature. The naive promoters were just all over and confused.

What l know is that the government made funds available for this event and dont know where and how it was used since all artists offered free service.  Its the first time that a local musician’s death has shaken the world with so much vibration, he was a blessed man. Tuku was indeed people's champion, likeable human being, humble and just an easy going man.