The government says civic organisations funded by foreigners are plotting to unseat the government through a planned shut down.

Information secretary, Nick Mangwana said 27 people from some non-governmental organisations (NGOs) held a meeting last Friday at Number 10 Longden Road in Belvedere and agreed to use all dirty tactics and intimidation of citizens to coerce them to join a proposed shut down that is aimed at toppling the elected government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The meeting was held between 0900 hours and 1500 hours, by 27 people from various pressure groups and civil societies under the umbrella organisation Zimbabwe Civil Society Convergence (ZCSC).

The 27 people were drawn from #tajamuka, #occupyafricaunitysquare, #thisflag, ZCTU, General Consensus, Citizen Manifesto and Concerned Agenda.

Mangwana said in a statement “the state through the government of the day is mandated to step in with appropriate firmness, and on the strength of a mix of lawful instruments at its disposal to protect and restore law and order in the republic for the benefit of the ordinary citizen”.

“It has become obvious that there is a deliberate plan to undermine and challenge the prevailing constitutional order born out of the 2018, July 30 harmonised elections which were democratic, free and fair and which were subsequently upheld by the highest court of the land. This brazenly unconstitutional plan which has sought financial support from some regime change organisations based in America and Germany among other countries represents a serious threat to our consolidating democracy, to the rule of law in our country and to the authority of government and state”.