A man who was spent the night with a 15-year-old girl was charged $3 000 by her family as lobola. If he paid they will not report him to the police. He grabbed the deal.

Gift Muduna (25) paid $800 and promised to pay the reminder later. But six months later, Muduna said he had fallen out love with the girl and chased her out of their rented home. Her parents saw red and reported him to the cops. He was arrested for having sexual relations with a minor.

The court heard that sometime in June 2018, the girl fell in love with Muduna. They spent the night together and when the girl went home she was chased away. Muduna approached her parents and struck the deal.

But when he kicked the girl out of his house, thre girl’s father was furious as he said he had been tricked. The magistrate slapped Muduna with a $400 fine or six months imprisonment.