Tuku’s first wife, Melody Murape, has revealed that she walked out on the national hero after he took on a second wife.

“Tuku did not divorce me. It’s me who surrendered as I was against polygamy and moved out of our Eastlea home, and people must get it right. Many people peddled falsehoods that I eloped to a soldier. Those were all lies. Tuku was the only husband I knew from the age of 18,” she told Newsday.

“When I was leaving our matrimonial home, Tuku cried and then locked me up for almost a week, preventing me from leaving. I just said I was not interested in polygamy.”

Melody — who is the mother of Selmor and Sandra — said “I am the first wife. I am the one he wedded in 1979 at Gwanzura Stadium before he became that famous. As a housewife, I would remain home when Tuku went on international trips, but upon his return he used to spoil me a lot,” she said.

“Tuku used to take care of me. I loved him. He also loved me and I know he died while still loving me.”

On the beef between Tuku and Selmor she said : “Something had happened that I cannot share with the public that had angered the father (Tuku), but the state of affairs was not as bad as described by the public. Everything was now water under the bridge such that they were about to record a collaboration that was written by Tuku,” she said.

“Yes, there was something that had happened. It is normal in every family that there will be some misunderstandings.”