Not many people can upstage Roger Federer or Serena Williams.  But a six year-old Zimbabwean boy did just that in front of a sell-out crowd of 14,064 recently.

Presley Murombo,stole the limelight with some spectacular dance moves that brought the entire crowd to their feet.

Presley  was dancing in the stands throughout the breaks and his father Kumbi Murombo said it was a neighbouring spectator that eventually gained the attention of the MC. 

“Presley loves to dance so was up out of his seat dancing and trying to get the attention of the cameras, but he wasn’t having any luck. It was the guy sitting next to us that managed to call over the MC,” said Mr. Murombo. 

Upon seeing Presley dancing to the “YMCA”, Tournament MC, Adrian Franklin, brought Presley down onto Centre Court to continue his moves. Presley then proceeded to wow the crowd with his confident performance of the popular song. The young pocket-rocket had the entire crowd up on their feet dancing along him.

“The moves just come to me and it just feels like the whole crowd is dancing with me,” said Presley.

“Presley is a huge tennis fan. He loves both Federer and Williams so it was tough for him knowing who to cheer for last night,” said Mr. Murombo