ZAPU president Dumiso Dabengwa has been in South Africa since December having specialist medical treatment.

Zapu’s secretary general Dr Strike Mkandla said Dr Dabengwa was not hospitalised but living with relatives while undergoing routine checkups.

“There were some things to be done but he is fine we spoke to him yesterday (Tuesday). He was expected to return shortly after Christmas and it was noted that he should go for a check up on the 4th. It was then observed that it would be a waste of money to come this side and return. He decided to stay with his relatives over the Christmas holiday. We expect him maybe next week,” he said.

Dr Mkandla did not disclose Dr Dabengwa’s ailment. “It’s a routine check up really. Maybe things that cropped up, he did not know about them. It seems new things were identified during the routine checkups which they felt should be attended to. He is yet to undergo an operation. Some of these things might be complicated or alternatively some of these things may not be serious needing just regular checkups,” he said.