Nicodemus Manyame, a former manger of Oliver Mtukudzi has spoken of the time the national hero met his wife, Daisy.

He said Daisy was working in a shop when she met Tuku in Kwekwe. “Daisy Mushonga went to Globe and Phoenix Secondary School in Kwekwe. She was working in a shop at Old Mbizo Shopping Centre when she met Tuku. I remember when Tuku wrote the song “Svovi yangu” for Daisy, she would visit us while we were working on the song but she never knew about it. We kept it a secret until it was released. This was when I witnessed his composing prowess because it did not take a week to be written but it went on to be a hit. He went on to record many songs based on reality like “Ndafunga Dande” which he wrote after spending almost two months on a European tour,” he told the Chronicle.

Manyame and Tuku met in Kwekwe in 1993 when Tuku was living in the mining town and Manyame was a member of the late gospel icon, Brian Sibalo’s band. Tuku and Manyame’s friendship grew stronger over the years and at one time he was appointed manager of the Black Spirits band and later became the chairperson of Pakare Paye Arts Centre, a position he still holds.

Tuku relocated from Kwekwe to Norton after getting a spacious stand in Norton where he went on to build his first house and eventually Pakare Paye Arts Centre.

Tuku was long suffering but there were two things that devastated him in his life, the way he parted ways with his long-time manager, Derby Metcalfe and the death of his son Sam Mtukudzi.

“Derby was sort of a family to him, and when they fell out, it affected him greatly. That is when I came in and managed the band together with Sam Mataure. I then moved to become Sam’s (Tuku’s son) manager until the time of his death.

“But I would like to believe that Sam’s death had the biggest impact on his life. It really devastated him. Soon after Sam and Tuku’s Nzou Nemhuru Mudanga show in 2010, Sam died. Tuku and Sam were supposed to embark on a nationwide tour with Sam playing at Tuku’s old venues. The concept was called Perekedza Mwana but it was never to be as Sam died before the tour,” he said.

Manyame vowed to keep Pakare Paye up and running.