The MDC informs the media and the public that information circulating on social media and have also been published on some news sites pertaining suspension of Vice President Mudzuri is false.
The leadership only met to discuss the crisis as well as shaping the party's intervention to difuse the people's plight.
The MDC made resolutions to this effect and made them public. For the avoidance of doubt we restate resolutions we published in our previous statement.
That the party noted that the socio-economic crisis is worsening and no solution is being proffered by government.
That the crisis is directly linked to the legitimacy question following a stolen election. The party resolved to wind up ongoing consultations on the crisis.
That the party will continue to concertise the masses on the need for action. And that the party will lead country wide demonstrations in line with section 59 of the Constitution.
More importantly the party reaffirmed the five point plan proposed by President Chamisa as the only viable way out of this crisis.
The party is committed to offering alternative policies against the failed ones pursued by Zanu PF.
Any other said resolution is an act of desperation and an attempt to sow discord within the people's movement.
Jacob Mafume
MDC National Spokesperson