A heartbroken daughter has spoken of how her father's suicide in the UK has left the family shattered. Mandie Nkomo has now launched a fund raising appeal to help send the body of his father to Zimbabwe.

She said :"On the 18th of November, on a bitter Sunday morning my dad drove towards Scammonden Bridge. He got out of his car and walked towards the white metal railings. Stopping when he was directly above the hard shoulder, he paced around the bridge briefly and as a cyclist went past him, he jumped. How could his thoughts have allowed him to travel so far into the deep that he felt his only option was to end his pain and suffering through death? 

 My father left behind 4 daughters, a son and a wife who adored him. Whilst there have been many rumours surrounding the reasons why my father took his own life, the truth is, he was mentally unwell. Everyone who spent time or spoke to my father in the moments leading up to his passing believed he was a happy person that lived for his family. My last conversation with him was full of laughter and positive plans for the future.Unfortunately those future plans were cut short. My father always spoke of going back to Zimbabwe to be closer to his parents so we would like to fulfil his wish and lay him to rest close to his mother in Zimbabwe. 

So I would like to ask if at all you can spare something to help us send him back home. Unfortunately, he did not have life insurance so the money will also be used to support the two youngest children who are aged 7 and 14 whilst my mother is out of work. If you are unable to spare money, I understand as its Christmas and things tend to be a little difficult at this time. Instead it would be great if you could share this post and help me raise awareness on the “taboo” topic which is suicide."
Those who want to help can do so here