President Mnangagwa will release the report of the August 1 inquiry, according to his spokesman George Charamba. 

He said his boss made the undertaking to do so way before appointing the Mothlante Commission but will follow processes and formalities laid down in the law.

“Zimbabweans must cool it and take it easy. There is no need for excitement. Let us avoid the feat of crossing the river when we are still at the summit of a hill.

“I sit in several meetings involving emissaries of foreign governments and, more particularly, involving the President and the UN Secretary- General. In all those meetings, the President made an undertaking that both processes and outcomes of the Commission will be an open affair. That was well before Commissioners had even been identified, certainly well before the Commission had been sworn in.

 “He does not need any modicum of motivation by twimbos to do the right thing. It’s a decision which he took a long time ago well before the Commission was constituted. That decision and commitment does not trash processes and formalities of receiving and digesting the findings of the Commission. That was the gist of my intervention, all of which was conveyed in simple, comprehensible English.

“The current furore over the issue is doubly needless in that it misreads a simple communication from Government. Secondly, it elides time and processes,” he told The Herald