A chief's new car has been stolen at a fuel station in Bulawayo on Wednesday night. The vehicle,  an Isuzu KB Silver Grey Double Cab worth $50 000 was with Chief Gampu’s son when it was stolen.

The Chronicle reports that Chief Gampu’s 25-year old son left the car engine running, with keys in the ignition as he entered a shop soon after refuelling the car at around 11PM.

“I received information at about 5PM that there was fuel at Nketa 6 Garage so I decided to go and refuel as I had fuel coupons I brought from the just ended Chief’s Conference held in Kadoma. I took my two sons aged 25 and nine years with me.

He said at about 8PM he left his elder son in the fuel queue while taking along his younger son and took a  gas cylinder back home so that the family could cook their evening meal.

“I was shocked, it didn’t make sense to me because I had left the car at the service station waiting to refuel. I then phoned my son trying to understand what really happened. He told me that he was on his way back home aboard a pirate taxi as the car had been stolen,” he said.

“He told me that after refuelling the car he parked at the service station and left the engine running as he went into a shop to buy something to eat. He said when he returned a few minutes later he found the car gone.”