THE Zimbabwe Power Company says it did not cause the arrest of Intratrek Zimbabwe managing director Wicknell Chivayo.

Chivayo was charged with fraud after he received $5 million advance payment for the Gwanda solar project from ZPC without a bank guarantee.

Intratrek has taken ZPC to the High Court claiming breach of contract. The contract dispute case between ZPC and Intratrek has since been set down for hearing by the High Court on the opposed roll on the 26th of November, 2018.

 “It is…important to note that the allegations that respondent caused the arrest of the applicant’s managing director (Chivayo) is patently false and should be disregarded by this honourable court. As highlighted in the respondent’s notice of opposition, at no material time did it file charges against the applicant’s managing director.

“Despite it being challenged to produce evidence that the charges were filed by the respondent, the applicant has not adduced such evidence,” ZPC submitted to the High Court.

The power utility has claimed Intratrek failed to perform its obligations (condition precedent), as outlined in the contract, specifically completion of specific works within the agreed timeframes.

But Intratrek denies the claims and instead blames ZPC for causing delays to the implementation of the project through its failure to obtain an Environmental Impact Assessment Crtificate and fraud charges it allegedly instituted against Chivayo in December 2017 alleging fraud and corruption in the execution of the Gwanda solar plant project.