Alick Macheso’s new Ford Ranger has been spruced up by his friend, Laston “GP” Murerwa.
Macheso bought the motor to celebrate his 50th birthday. “It was a gamble, I was not sure if he would agree. We had the car for a good two to three weeks, to work on it. We wish we could have more time with it but what kept us on our toes was that someone was missing his car. This is our birthday present to Macheso and we hope he will enjoy the pimped ride as much we enjoyed revamping it,” Murerwa told The Sunday Mail.

“When he said he wanted to change my car, I just gave him the benefit of doubt. I was saying what change can he do to a new car. But I am overwhelmed,” Macheso said.

Murerwa, whose LPS is headquartered in Polokwane, said he is opening a new fitment centre in Musina to cater for Zimbabweans.