A pilot in Gweru has been arrested after he killed his lawyer girlfriend whom he accused of having an affair.

Tashinga Musonza (29) an Airforce of Zimbabwe pilot killed Miss Lucy Duve (32) after he accused her of cheating with his colleague. Musonza and Ms Duve were cohabiting at the latter’s lodgings in Windsor Park suburb.
“On the fateful day, Musonza went to their lodgings around 10PM and found Duve asleep. He allegedly started accusing her of cheating on him with his colleague before a misunderstanding ensued. The two then drove to the airbase since Musonza wanted the matter clarified.

Upon arrival at the airbase, they allegedly woke up Ms Duve’s alleged lover who denied being in a relationship with her. Musonza’s colleague denied being in a relationship with Lucy and it did not go down well with him. Musonza got furious and started assaulting Lucy with open hands and booted feet.

“His colleague tried to restrain him but was overpowered before he ran away from the scene to seek assistance from fellow colleagues. Upon their return they found Lucy lying unconscious in a pool of blood on the ground,” according to police memo.