War Vets Association secretary general, Victor Matemadanda, says he has been confronted by Christopher Mutsvangwa’s wife, Monica, who accused him of trying to topple her husband.

“I have absolutely nothing against Christopher Mutsvangwa, but the people making the accusations want to use me because I refused to get into this thing. In any case, we are going for elections next year and I don’t intend to stand as chairman. I am content with being secretary-general.

“In fact, being secretary-general is more powerful than being chairman. These allegations are madness.”

“I have always defended Mutsvangwa, but I was surprised one day when his wife accused me of trying to usurp the chairmanship from Mutsvangwa as if there is a seat specially reserved for a specific person to be the chairman,” Matemadanda told The Standard.

“I cannot fight Mutsvangwa today when I was fired by Mugabe for defending Mutsvangwa. That person saying those things is very stupid.”

But Mutsvangwa charged :“They said they want to anoint him as the leader of war veterans because he is the only war veteran in a leadership position who won a parliamentary seat in the July 30 general elections, all others fell by the wayside.

“(Matemadanda) has been trying to change the leadership, but he is meeting a lot of resistance from everybody. Except Mashonaland West, other provinces are saying this is nonsense.”

“We exposed the cartel and it doesn’t have political cover at the moment. They are desperate for political protection and this has been worsened by the fact that President Mnangagwa won the elections in July,” he said.

“They are not happy. To continue with that cartel you need to have Number 1 supporting it, but he is not.

“They are accusing me of exposing them and they are saying since the war veterans showed power in November (2017), if we control them we will be able to get another political umbrella.”