A woman was furious when she discovered that her husband was sleeping with their neighbour and her daughter.

Aquelina Manyengavana from How Mine on the outskirts of Bulawayo, said her neighbour Rosemary Chekutenda was sleeping with her husband and that they had a child together. But when she confronted Chekutenda, Manyengavana discovered that both mother and daughter were sleeping with her husband.

This came out in court as Chekutenda has taken Manyengavana to court.
“Aquelina Manyengavana who is my neighbour is accusing me of having a relationship with her husband. She said she was told by someone that during her absence I sneak into her house and sleep with her husband. She is labelling me a prostitute claiming her husband is the father of my child and it’s not true.

Manyengavana said although she denied having an intimate relationship with her husband she however, incriminated her mother saying she was the one who had a fling with the man.
“We are neighbours and currently we are not on talking terms. It is not true that I am threatening her with death. I just confronted her after I heard that she was having an intimate relationship with my husband and that she was also in the habit of sneaking into my house during my absence.

“When I confronted her I was shocked when she bragged to me saying it was impossible for her to sleep with the same man who is sleeping with her mother. I was shocked to hear that her mother was also sleeping with my husband,” said Manyengavana.

Following her persistence the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya advised Manyengavana to approach the civil court saying she can sue Chekutenda for her adultery if she had “sufficient” evidence that she was bedding her husband. b metro