I woke up this morning wanting to write a letter to myself and girls who are just like me! I grew up in a world with very specific messaging around physical appearance... black is ugly, Fat is disgusting, curves make you promiscuous and unholy, a bigger nose makes you unattractive, kinky hair makes you second class, thick thighs are vulgar! And yet I am all these things....

 I felt inadequate and insecure about my body! Did God make a mistake on me?? Surely I cannot be a mistake and I have all this because there must be beauty in difference?!?!! I was always at odds with what the world told me was beautiful. Even in my adult life I still fight these feelings and what people say to me because, God forbid if I wear a swimsuit to a swimming pool “You are sending out the wrong message to younger people who look up to you”.... or “is that the position your brand is now taking”... lol, 

I’m not sure if swimming in a dress works! It’s forever contextual! But my biggest fight is How do I tell other young people that you don’t have to conform to other people’s version of beautiful because your differences are what make this world so beautiful and diverse! In a world full of conditioning on tv, magazines, songs, social media .... it’s hard to really see your value proposition in all of it.... but I promise, you were made exactly the way God intended! You are enough, You are beautiful just as you are.