Prominent campaigner, Tendai Westerhoff has spoken of her daughter’s sheer joy when she met her father for the first time.

“My child says"mummy I met my dad for the first time yesterday. I have cute siblings. I am on cloud 9 mummy" I have never seen my child so happy. The first time she saw him was on 4 June 2004 at the national blood transfusion services where we had been ordered a DNA test. She cried in pain as they took samples of her blood as he wanted to prove paternity.

I recall the painful moment which looked like 10 years as she was only 18 months and did not even know what was happening. I helplessly watched everything as I had no support or comfort over that tormenting moment from anyone. He did not even want to touch the child or to look at me.

Over the years we lived on until this moment 48 hrs ago when my child is now 16 years. I want my child to be happy and if this makes her happy it puts my mind to rest. GOD has answered her prayers and I hope he will now own up and pay the maintenance he never paid a penny over the 16 years despite a high court order. Real time experiences when things start to happen in GOD's time. Sharing is therapy and children are innocent and must never be made to suffer when parents divorce or fight.