Sandra Ndebele says she is now broke after her nearly $90 000 was stolen by her money changer friend.

Sandra had given one Simangani Gwemende, an illegal money changer from Bulawayo, almost $90 000 (US$8 330 and $80 000 bond notes) to trade the money on the forex black market.

 “I suspected from the onset that this story of the money being stolen was just a cover up. I’ve filed a case against her (Gwemende) in the Bulawayo High Court to get my money back using the law. I know that the money is there. Maybe they’ve shared it among themselves. However, what I know is that they’ll pay back every cent that they took from me and claimed it was stolen.”

“I have nothing to hide, if people want to know where I got the money, I can prove to anyone without doubt.“I trusted the woman (Gwemende) as I was introduced to her by her sister whose child learns with mine.

I thought she was genuinely helping me out. Now I’m broke all because I trusted people with my money,” she told the Chronicle.