Acie Lumumba says he was paid $40 000 to smear four Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe bosses who have since been suspended.

In a recorded voice message in possession of the Daily News on Sunday, Lumumba revealed that he had “sold his soul to the devil” by accepting the money — which he apparently needed desperately to send his ailing father for treatment in India.

“Hi mukoma (brother), please get hold of me, I have been trying to get hold of you. Ndakakumbira sisi (I asked sister) Linda to get you through Tineyi, but no one is getting back to me.

“I need you kuti mundisvitsirewo message kuna mukoma K (Tagwirei). I have no way of getting through to him and you know I am very compromised at the moment. I can’t even call him directly without compromising myself.

“From the bottom of my heart, and anyone who knows my heart and you know me, there is no way I would do this (smear people),” Mutumanje said in his intercepted message, apparently meant for an associate of Tagwirei.

“I know I am even compromising myself by sending this audio note. It’s just that I really need you to get the message to him. Please get hold of me. I need you to help me navigate myself out of this mess. It’s an absolute mess. Very frightening, gory things are being plotted.

“How I found myself right in the middle — forget even the middle, in the front of it — is a myth to me. I know I am compromised.

“I know I had a problem and you know what my problem was and you know I asked for help. There wasn’t anyone paying attention to my needs and in the end I think I sold myself to the devil to get it done and here we are, for nothing in return.

“I just want you to get the message kuna mukoma. You know there is no way people can be fired from the RBZ because of Lumumba. Are you serious? Makazvitarisa imimi (looking at it) knowing this system you really think Lumumba is the reason why people were fired from RBZ.”

“Please make time to see me. I need your intervention. If you don’t make time to see me, at least forgive me for what I am about to do. I am doing everything I can to avoid putting names, to avoid even saying most of the script. Anyway, I thought let me reach out to you, please call me back, make time to see me.

“I have tried to reach out to Jusie but mese mato decider kuti ndatova muvengi wenyu hamusikuda (perhaps you have all decided that I’m now your enemy). Pamwe munoda kuti mutange manzwa kuti ndapera but guys I promise you.

He made it clear in the voice recording that he had been used by politicians in the hatchet job, before making further astonishing claims that a war was about to erupt between President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his deputy Constantino Chiwenga.

“This fight is inevitable. There is a real fight starting between number one (Mnangagwa) and number two (Chiwenga).

“If I am going to be useful, can I please be useful to people who are my friends and who will also look after my interests than for people who are simply using me like the way you use a condom ... you use it and throw it away. I hope you get back to me,” Mutumanje said.