A Botswana music promoter has revealed that she was the late Hugh Masekela’s side chick for years.

Now she is fighting to have part of his estate. Zenzele Hirschfeld, 37, has told the Voice newspaper that she has instructed her lawyers to serve the Masekela family demanding what is “rightfully hers” from his estate.

Zenzele had a long-standing relationship with Bra Hugh dating back 15 years. “You see this is someone I have known almost all my life. Obviously I could not bring myself to go public about this but I did know Bra Hugh personally and also through family ties. I met him back when I was 22 years old, we have known each other for that long.

Confirming Zenzele and Brah Hugh’s relationship, in a telephone interview, Masekela’s cousin and business partner Lemmy Masekela, said, “ Yes I was aware of the relationship between Zen and my late brother (Bra Hugh). But he is still my brother and I will not talk about his issues but yes I can confirm their relationship.”

Asked about Masekela’s will, Lemmy said there was no confusion over the late Jazz icon’s estate.

“It is only his sister and his daughter who are all over the place trying to make money out of Bra Hugh’s passing. I gave them the middle finger when they sent lawyers to me over money I made with my brother. I do not know why they are trying to do this. I will not be surprised if they have contacted Zen as well. I do not want any part of their mess, I sent them away when they came to enquire about the money they claim we made together and I have not been in touch with them ever since!”