A South African beauty says former First Lady. Grace Mugabe’s son, Russell is neglecting his daughter.

Dineo Kekana told the Herald : “I got pregnant with Russell Goreraza’s child.  We started seeing each other in December of 2016, I fell pregnant in July last year (2017). He knew from the very first time I found out I had conceived, he said he’d be part of our lives and support me but his behaviour soon started to change.

“Months have now passed whenever I ask for his help he keeps giving me excuses. He then told me in the later stage (of the pregnancy) that if I decided to keep the baby he’ll run off since he is not a South African citizen it isn’t going to affect him at all. I couldn’t speak out about my problem or get any help from anyone before because his family was still in power and they also had a huge influence here in South Africa. If I took him to court my case would just disappear like Gabriella Engels case.”

“I still can’t get hold of him now because he’s fled South Africa: he is back home in Zimbabwe. I’ve tried to speak to him on several occasions about everything including getting DNA tests done he has completely chosen to avoid me. ‘I even went as far as sending my parents on my behalf and getting an attorney to contact him, he refuses to respond to them and declines their phone calls.”

“My aim isn’t to expose him or embarrass him but I’m disgusted with him and his actions. He is really disrespectful and thinks he can get away with anything. Why did he decide to have sex and can’t own up to his slip up, without sperm a woman can’t get pregnant.

“What pains me is that I know he is getting money from his mother, whom I know is a kind loving person who would not want her grandchild to suffer but he is not passing that money onto me to fend for the child,” said the bombshell from Zimbabwe’s back garden.

Russell denies paternity and wants a DNA test.