Ginimbi has said that former First Lady Grace Mugabe protected Wicknell Chivayo from protection.

He said this in court as he fought a fraud charge and applied for a discharge. Chivayo has since been discharged.

“I learnt of the matter in 2014 after I was accused of having a hand in defrauding Dexter Nduna and the Gatawas of their money but I was just a victim like.  All I did was pay an equivalent of R500 000 to Danyar Kabwebwe who later deposited the money for the purchase of gas for my company.

“I never had business dealings with Chivayo before as we were only friends when it came to our partying lives. I learnt of his involvement in the matter after Kabwebwe told me that she had gotten money from him and I have evidence from Chivayo in the form of phone recordings where he confesses of having a hand in the offence.

“When I got arrested I tried to assist the investigating officers to get to the bottom of the issue by giving them the evidence that I had but at that time Chivayo was untouchable because the then first lady (Grace Mugabe”was protecting him.

“I even went to the former first lady to try and get Chivayo arrested but apparently he was untouchable and it was to no avail.

“I paid the Gatawa’s money not because I was hiding or accepting that I had defrauded anyone but because I did not want to waste my time going to court and I also have a reputation to protect and one can always get more money,” he said.

The matter has been rolled over to November 30 for judgment.