Ginimbi says he never bought anything for the inmates at Chikurubi. “I never bought anything for the inmates. I left (remand prison) at 11PM so what time would I have bought? Social media is coming up with all sorts of stories.”

But he admitted paying fines for inmates. “I looked at them (inmates) when I was arrested and slept there (remand) for four nights. I think some people who’re there don’t have money for real.

“People are struggling to pay amounts like $20 and $50 and stay there forever. I found it in my heart to pay for them and I’m considering doing this monthly, well at least for those who have fees which range from $ 20 to $100.”
On the chicken A Simbisa Brands official said “On Tuesday we had a lot of orders for the Peace Festival at the National Sports Stadium. These orders were made at different branches and were way more than the purported 1 000 2 piecers.