Ginimbi who has spent the weekend in jail has paid bail for 50 people who had been stuck in Chikurubi prison.

Ginimbi is back at the High Court today as he fights for freedom. His South African based public relations officer, Shaleen Manhire-Nullens said : “Some had stayed for about eight months because they could not raise $20 to be released on bail. The other guy for whom we paid $500 for had stayed for a good five years. Others had failed to raise between $50 and $100 and had stayed in remand for at least three months…There are people who are out there who have been away from their families for a minimum of three months because they cannot afford $20 bail.”

She told H Metro that she was talking about Ginimbi’s good deed, not as a public relations stunt but to get people to appreciate his other side.

 “Many people know Genius as a guy who shows off, a guy who loves parties and that’s why I feel it’s time I bring out that other side of him. It’s something I cannot keep quiet about.” 
Ginimbi has been charged with tax evasion and money laundering.