Tendai and I had just started dating when Christmas came along. I got him a gift, I put a lot of different things in a box and wrapped it nicely and I gave it to him. 

He was so happy and he told me of all the girls he had dated before hapana akambomutengerawo present. Ini zviri munzeve izvi. Ok. I go and visit him kumba kwavo ndikaona pamubhedha hapana duvet cover (his room was a typical boys bedroom), next time I came I brought him a new duvet cover. Murikuona yandiri kutamba here apa. Not only was I making sure that I treat this guy like no other girl ever did but I was also showing him how I want to be treated. From then on he knew to get me little gifts for no reason. I made him want to think about me where ever he is simply by doing it first.

Advice:- When you find that guy that you like, show him how you want to be treated by doing it first instead of waiting to complain kana asina kuzviita. Sometimes the guy just simply has no idea kuti unoda kubatwa sei. So muudze..muratidze. Selmor Mtukudzi