Some 90 tonnes of sugar donated by Tongaat Hulett were sold on the black market in Masvingo and Mozambique.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has now launched investigations as it has been alleged that the Minister of State for Masvingo, Ezra Chadzamira instructed Tongaat Hulett to release 90 tonnes of sugar for vulnerable groups in Chivi.

But the sugar was then sold. Commercial Sugarcane Farmers Association of Zimbabwe chairman, Admore Hwarare confirmed the issue to Masvingo Mirror but accused political foes bent on tarnishing the image of Chadzamira of blowing the issue out of proportion.
The release of the sugar was ordered on October 24, 2018 when there was a critical shortage of the commodity in many parts of the country.

The Reserve Bank became suspicious when a company called Madzimambo Investment owned by Hwarare’s sister paid for the sugar instead of CSFAZ. The bank was curious to know the destination of the commodity and it is understood that the Central Bank established that the sugar was sold on the black market.

Hwarare confirmed that Madzimambo Investments was his sister`s company but dismissed reports that the sugar was sold in the black market but in shops which are in Harare, Chivhu and Chivi. He described people complaining about the deal as jealous.

“I can confirm that the Minister wrote a letter to Tongaat Hulett instructing them to allow us to buy sugar. This was after I approached him as a Zanu PF member since he is our provincial chairperson. I want to assist my district, Chivi and of the 90 tonnes which I was given, I only collected 30 tonnes which I sold and later on donated molasses and cotton cake to the whole of Chivi District.

‘‘I am an individual who is a sugarcane farmer and I have all the rights to engage in any business with Tongaat Hulett just like OK or TM supermarkets”

“We are going to respond to RBZ`s request for an explanation since they think that we are involved in money laundering. This is all the work of my enemies who want to spoil the name of Minister Chadzamira who is also our party leader in the province. What is wrong if Hwarare makes money and nothing was wrong for me to approach the Minister? said Hwarare.