Socialite Jackie Ngarande says warring AFM leaders should be starved of money until they resolve their differences.

She wrote :”This has gone too far. Let's pray for Apostolic Faith Mission.Let's pray commanding Satan to stop all his operations he has launched in AFM Zimbabwe.

In times like these Christians should fast and pray ask God to intervene .God is just he will never let us down. Let's all be reminded that if its money we are going to hold it for short period coz it belongs to God and we need the grace of God that earthly treasures can never be compared to the everlasting life that God has promised to those that will live according to his word. It better to be poor material for now and go to heaven and such grace is accorded to a few who fear God.
Kereke ndokutorerwa areka nemuvengi Payakangotora vakatanga kupokana."