After my rant last time, I got to my bank and the management took me aside for a talk. I explained my frustrations which they acknowledged and gave me their explanation for what had occurred. I didn't take their word at face value. I waited to see what would happen in reality.

I have been making successive withdrawal over the past few days. No challenges at all. Ndiri kungopihwa ma$20 notes angu ndoenda. I have now come to believe the explanation I was given by my CBZ team of bankers. The other thing, I am now informed that our forex is being kept by the bank, it does not reach the RBZ. I trust my bank and to show confidence in them, I've opened another NOSTRO FCA for my company. I hope and pray that trust is not misplaced.

However, there are a few issues that need to be straightened between banks and he RBZ, for these NOSTROs to be effective.
- The $1 000 withdrawal limit for personal accounts is OK.
- We need to have inter NOSTRO accounts transfers activated
- Remove limits on VISA cards and link them to NOSTROs
- Enable TTs to personal accounts

As for all else, I feel confident that these NOSTROs will work for businesses and the general public. Hopefully, we will soon see the backside of Bond Notes. Albert Ndabandi