A group of Zanu PF supporters recently stormed a ZAOGA farm in Mazowe but were driven out by cops.

This was revealed by Lands Minister, Perrance Shiri who told a Zanu PF meeting in Bindura that illegal farm grabs are no longer being tolerated.

“There are some of us who are becoming selfish and are now illegally distributing land and causing mayhem on farms. Some recently went to a farm belonging to Zimbabwe Assemblies of God-Africa (ZAOGA) farm in Mazowe District intending to forcibly take the farm.

“As party members we should stop doing things that are not within the confines of the law and end up getting arrested by the police. It is not a good thing to expect from party members.”

“we have notified the police and there should not be any intimidations. If any farmer finds people illegally occupying his or her farm, he or she must immediately report the matter to the police who are mandated to enforce the laws of this country. We do not want lawlessness and anarchy to prevail, so we should not be found on the wrong side of the law."