A fed up woman in Kwekwe is seeking the eviction of her jobless and broke husband from their matrimonial home.

Tabeth Nyirenda has gone to court and begged Kwekwe magistrate Miss Vimbai Mtukwa to assist her in evicting her husband of two years because he was ‘useless’.

 “Your worship, I cannot stay with him anymore since he has turned abusive. He is also in the habit of bringing in girlfriends when I am away at work. I think it is because he is not employed that leads him to behave like that,” said Nyirenda.

She said Nhundu did not contribute anything towards the purchase of their matrimonial house in Torwood. But Nhundu said his wife wanted to chuck him out for another man.

“When we got married in 2016, I was rich but now that I am broke she now wants to get rid of me. We bought the house together but she now wants to turn against me so that she can bring another man into the house.”

The magistrate gave a protection order in favour of Nyirenda and ordered Nhundu to desist from abusing his wife in any way.