Let's talk about the ride we are being taken on by our leaders. We were asked to open FCA Nostro accounts by the RBZ. As a law abiding and progressive thinking Zimbabwean, I obliged and opened mine with CBZ. I deposited a sizable amount of cash into this account over the past fortnight. I did this with confidence in the new administration and also with the thinking yekuti surely our government won't take us for a ride for the third time. The tellers were smiling and encouraging. Ndakabva ndaita manyemwe. Ndikati haaa ndiyo new dispensation ka iyi.

Boy I was wrong. On 18 October I then decided to make a small TT payment to a colleague in the US. Here is what I was told;

"...you will need to complete a telegraphic transfer form and invoice being paid for. If there is no invoice and you are paying for services provided you need to provide copy of contract or agreement contract or agreement which should have been registered with RBZ. If it is a loan repayment you also need to have the copy agreement and loan should have been registered with RBZ. As for TTs to other personal accounts, this option is currently not available as per central bank exchange control regulations in place....."

You can wonder what sort of anger and disdain I felt. I deposited my cash in good faith. Personal money they had no idea I had, in the spirit of supporting government initiatives. I was MAAAAD.

Little did I know, this was just the tip of an iceberg. I then asked to make a small withdrawal of usd$2 000.00. The teller went in, consulted and came back telling me, "...Sir you can only withdraw a thousand a day...." WHAAAAAT?

Be that as it was, I obliged and withdrew $1000 which was not enough for my needs anyway but I just accepted. Rules are rules.

Now here comes the juicy part, today I went back to withdraw the balance of the $2 000, which was $1 000. I was told, "....we do not have cash at the moment....leave your withdrawal slip and we will call you when cash is ready." I did, and sure enough 2pm a call came through alerting me of the availability of the cash. My P.A went to pick it and guess what, those notes in the picture were what she got. Ma dollar here vakomana? Ko yangu yakaendepi? I deposited proper clean notes.

Here's what I think. This sxxt of NOSTRO this NOSTRO that won't work. People deposit money in the bank with the trust that any time they want it they can get it and also with the belief that it's safe in there. Now, according to my experience, if you deposit your cash into the bank, 1) you won't have access to it anytime you want and 2) your pillow is much safer than the bank. Izvezvi mari yangu inani? Yakatopihwa some bigwig arikutodya hake ari kwaari ikoko. Yake haasi kuisa mu account.

My word to Govt, We do not trust you. The only way you can gain our trust is by acting fair and right. If I deposit cash, let me get it whenever I want. If that happens the word will spread and people will take all that's under their pillows and deposit them which then improves circulation. Govt benefits on the charges the people benefit ne security. Manje mukaramba muchiita nhafu dzekuti if I deposit my money then I'll never see it again hameno kuti munosvikepi. Mozotanga kuti hee masanctions hee masanctions imi muchitadza simple economics dzakadai, Albert Ndabambi via Facebook