Deputy Information minister Energy Mutodi says Apostle Chiwenga will not be allowed to continue denigrating VP Chiwenga.

 “So when you call out the name of a whole vice president in the streets and purport to disclose his health condition, you really act outside the law. Such behaviour constitutes high levels of disrespect and may arouse public anger and disorder, considering that politicians have supporters who follow them.

“So our position as government is that the pastor needs to be called to order and desist from infringing into other people’s rights. He is free to form a political party or to join already existing ones and must not hide under the church to further his own political ambitions or beliefs.

“There is also freedom of worship and freedom of association. However, one needs not to infringe into other people’s rights and liberties when exercising his or her own right. If you are preaching to your church and you are a pastor or religious leader, you certainly do not want to call names of political leaders and denigrate them as if you were a leader of a rival political party. That is wrong,” he told the Daily News.

However, Apostle Chiwenga said he loved the vice president as his brother, but was against some of the actions by government such as chartering former first lady Grace Mugabe a plane to travel to Zimbabwe from Singapore for her mother’s funeral and the killing of at least six people during the post-election violence.

“Now, when he said Talent Muzuva on Sunday, I knew he was talking about me, because Muzuva is my father’s name and Guvheya is his father’s name and our fathers are brothers, blood brothers, same father, Chiwenga is not his personal name, Chiwenga is a family name. The one who was called Chiwenga is our grandfather. So, maybe he was not willing to use the name Chiwenga because he also uses it, but I know that so many people are confused, they do want to know what is happening and the reason why I am making this public statement, it is because I feel that my life is in danger, not only because of what he is doing, but most importantly because of what happened to me on Saturday,” he said.